For more than 10 years, we've been integrating and maintaining Data Leak Prevention Systems


Data Leak Prevention

With over 10 years of experience in DLP Systems integration and maintenance

Over these years we have made sure that the mere DLP (Data Leak Prevention) System implementation is not the solution to confidential data leak problem. Only smart configuration and detailed event analysis make the protection really effective.

Why does DLP matter?

Analysts and Mass Media estimated that almost 70-80 percent of confidential data leak incidents were caused by internal intruders, both the Company's staff members and their executives. This is logical: they have a better eye for important information than the hackers, they know where information is placed, and who have an access to it. So, in terms of safety, the control over data flow that crosses perimeter, and knowing who and how works with it – is of utmost importance.


Why is DLP specialization so important?

    Высокая трудоёмкость контроля
  1. High Control Effort

    every employee creates dozens of events requiring the analysis daily

  2. Утечки
  3. Rapid Leak Prevention and Corporate Ethics

    • consequences often depend on fast incident response
    • need to strike a balance between privacy and work process control

  4.  Система
  5. System Requires Detailed Setup

    it's the only way to reduce false notice flow, and not to miss an important

  6. Дополнительная защита
  7. Extra Protection

    apart from leakage, the data collected allows to detect and control other inner risks





  1. Identify the company's key assets and ensure their monitoring
  2. Relieve you of routine work on risks detection
  3. Release you from technical shortcomings when working with a system
  4. Ensure optimal and smooth system functioning
  5. Establish response processes to potential incidents
  6. Legitimate system usage

DLP Vendor Solutions

We can use your DLP Solution, or offer the best option from the leading vendors based on our 10 years experience and your needs:

  • Rostelecom-Solar
  • Infowatch
  • Garda Technologies
  • SearchInform
  • Zecurion
  • Falcongaze
  • Forcepoint
  • McAfee
  • Symantec


    Техническое сопровождение
  1. Technical Support

    • Maintenance
    • Operating optimization
    • Data archives optimization

  2. Построение процесса реагирования
  3. Building Process for Incident Response

    • Response regulation development
    • Monitoring legitimization

  4. Отправка предупреждений об угрозах
  5. Confidential Data Leak Prevention

    • System implementation
    • Basic configuration of control policy
    • Establishment of confidential data assets register
    • Development of individual control rules based on the company's assets
    • Maintaining incident detection process

  6. Extra Control
  7. Extra Control

    • Potential risks detection
    • Potential risks control
    • Conducting technical investigation using the stored archive


Additional Materials

    Загрузка файла
  1. Presentation on DLP Systems Consulting Maintenance

  2. Загрузка файла
  3. Presentation on DLP Systems Analytical Maintenance