Illegal Schemes with Confidential Data Prevention 24/7


External Threats & Human Intelligence Center

We have developed our own ETHIC (External Threats & Human Intelligence Center) Service for business threat detection. It's aim is to prevent illegal schemes with the company's confidential data using Monitoring Services 24/7. This Service doesn't require integration into the Client's infrastructure, and is provided by SaaS model (Software as a Service).

The Company also provides other services on business protection, such as: conducting penetration tests, integrated analysis of investment projects, verification of counterparties and individuals.



The Service consists of several modules covering various channels of fraud threats:

  1. Services

    searching social networks, messengers, DarkNet, Deep Web for illegal service messages related to the customer

  2. Утечки
  3. Leaks

    searching for the customer's data assets published on the Internet, intentionally or accidentally

  4. Домены
  5. Domains

    detecting domain names that can be used for fraud

  6. Негатив
  7. Reputation Management

    detecting negative testimonials and publications on review sites, Telegram Channels and social networks

  8. Бренд
  9. Brand

    detecting brand unauthorized use in social networks or messengers

  10. Менеджмент
  11. Management

    detecting fake profiles of the customer's top executives across social networks

  12. Сотрудники
  13. Employees

    detecting employees looking for a new job

  14. Юридические лица
  15. Legal Entities

    information on sale of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

  16. Проверка
  17. Verification

    getting data on individuals and legal entities, or assets, from the public sources

  18. Репозитории
  19. Repository

    detecting potentially dangerous program code on GitHub, Pastebin and etc.





  1. Prevent economic threats to business
  2. Mitigate downside risks
  3. Reduce damage from fraud, data leaks, non-legitimate data access and malware


    Автоматический анализ
  1. Automatic analysis of sources outside the company's perimeter: from social networks to DarkNet resources

  2. Аналитическая экспертиза
  3. Analytical sssessment of threat level and response tactics identification

  4. Отправка предупреждений об угрозах
  5. Sending of alerts on business threats or incidents via dedicated web portal

  6. Блокировка источников
  7. Sources blocking, services technical settings modification, investigations


Additional Materials

    Загрузка файла
  1. Presentation on Business Threats Detection Service (ETHIC)

  2. Загрузка файла
  3. Presentation on Investment Projects Analysis

  4. Загрузка файла
  5. Presentation on Intelligence Analysis

  6. Загрузка файла
  7. Presentation on Individual and Legal Entities Verification