Infosecurity team is ready for the DLP+ May Forum. Are you with us?

The DLP+ Forum, the event on countering the internal threats of corporate security, will take place in May. The Infosecurity team led by Anna Popova, the Head of Data Loss Prevention Unit, will participate in the round table, become a partner of the exhibition and prepare a stand.

The DLP+ Forum starts on May 26, 2021 in Moscow, on one of the Digital Business Space sites, in the relevant mixed offline and online format. This event on the protection against internal threats is about to be one of the most anticipated events of the year for representatives of state corporations and leading sectoral companies.

This Forum will feature the insider detection technologies, protection against internal attacker, fraud and corruption, and integrated approach in setting up cooperation between the security service, management and staff. Moreover, the ethical issues will be highlighted during the Forum, such as the boundaries while installing data loss tracking systems and fixing the level of staff loyalty, and the legal aspects.

The debates in round tables format will provide an opportunity for representatives of key market players to highlight the appropriate technologies and best practices for companies protection against internal threats. Anna Popova represents the Infosecurity Company at the round table on the topic of DLP: Expectations vs Reality. The participants will discuss frequently asked questions relating to the process flow, from the providers selection rules to effectiveness evaluation of DLP systems implementation.

Additionally, Infosecurity will introduce its stand on the Forum, where guests of the event can enjoy lottery with valuable prizes and learn more about the Company's products, in particular the INFOSECURITY TRACKER service. This service is intended to replace and significantly simplify the entire process of working with systems on data leak prevention and employee monitoring. Just one subscription, and you get the most of the DLP system, while avoiding cost inefficiencies.

“During the pandemic, like in any other crisis, business is particularly interested in maintaining profits and preventing losses. Data breach, frauds committed by staff members will always remain internal threats to any company which can be worth a lot of money, and sometimes the company’s all funds. Therefore, protection against internal threats is evolving towards increased control over employees. And the transition to remote work has only increased it”, Anna Popova commented.

Become a participant at the forthcoming DLP+ Forum! Use the original registration link to register for the event. We are looking forward to meeting you at the event for an interesting debates on some of the most challenging topics for the industry!

May 2021