It infrastructure of Element JSC is under control: Infosecurity implemented Makves DCAP solution

The Infosecurity experts (a Softline Company) jointly with Element JSC completed a project on implementing Makves DCAP solution. This solution has made it possible for the Customer to control internal processes much more efficiently: to collect data on the company’s information assets and to define potential issues related to data storage and access.

The search and use of means to protect business-critical information are gradually becoming a key priority for every modern organization. Practice shows that part of the companies’ data is still vulnerable due to weak control, and therefore is easy prey for fraudsters and competitors. Just a few files falling into the wrong hands can put the reputation at risk and cause irreparable material damage. To avoid possible risks, the management of Element JSC approached the Infosecurity Company and Makves, the Russian developer, to create a reliable protection of enterprise information assets.

The Infosecurity experts integrated the Makves DCAP solution into the Customer’s infrastructure, which has increased the transparency of unstructured data and provided full control of access control to the security department files. The system’s key strength is tracking both the statistical picture in general, and the key events in the dynamics. Collectively, such an approach gives an advantage of detection and suppression of unauthorized activity by domestic and external sources. It is worth noting that Makves DCAP has become the first product of the DCAP class (Data-Centric Audit and Protection) included into the domestic software registry.

Pavel Belik, the Vice President for Security at Element JSC, summarized the project: “Global trends for import-substitution in the field of Russian microelectronics pushed us to find a domestic solution that could cope with potential gaps in data protection at our company. Earlier we have already collaborated with the Infosecurity specialists and, remaining satisfied with the results, we decided to repeat this experience. We are confident that the DCAP class product can offer safe protection for our systems against confidential data leaks and prevent damage inflicted upon us or our partners in different economic areas, from the telecommunications to the energy sectors. For now, we also consider other Makves solutions”.

"The DCAP class products are quite popular in the West, and Russia is only now beginning to take in interest in their marketability. We are glad that such giants like the Element understand the role of these systems in ensuring the integrity of the company's IT infrastructure and show an example remaining. This was Infosecurity’s first experience in implementing the Makves DCAP solution, and we’re grateful to the Element company for their confidence,” says Nikita Pinchuk, Technology Director at Infosecurity.

“We are pleased that DCAP solutions are gaining popularity among the Russian companies, – says Roman Podkopaev, CEO at Makves. – We see definite scope for the product development, and the successful completion of the Infosecurity project with the Element JSC is a great example of that. A sufficient understanding of the market and the problems faced by our customers allowed us to significantly expand the functionality of the Makves system and transform the product into a new level. We’re grateful to our partners at Infosecurity and Element JSC for choosing Makves DCAP and looking forward to further fruitful cooperation”.

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May 2021