The DLP+ Forum Is Completed: Infosecurity Commended The Results

The first ever DLP + Forum took place on May 26, in Moscow, with the leading representatives of the information security discussing the main trends and problems of protecting companies from internal threats.

At the event, the Infosecurity team once again proved its professionalism: the Company's booth was popular, and the round tables with our specialists were among the most active. Anna Popova, the Head of Data Loss Prevention Unit,  spoke at the "DLP For Business?" Track 1. She managed to engage the audience with a keynote report "Implement Not Ignore" and reasonably explained why punctuation matters.

"The Forum, as expected, was a high-level one. Our team was satisfied with the interaction with partners and customers. We are sure that the Infosecurity TRACKER solution created to prevent data loss via internal channels will be in demand on the market. Moreover, gradually, the companies are turning their attention to the DLP sector," Anna Popova commented.

Alexander Dvoryansky, the Strategic Communications Director, became a moderator of Track 2 "Technologies to Detect Insiders & to Protect Against Insider Attacks." For two hours, the roundtable participants have not only discussed the scenarios of circumventing the DLP solution by the insider, but also affected the topic of preventing data loss by external intruders.

As part of the DLP + Forum, Infosecurity (a Softline Company) ran a large-scale lottery among the visitors of the event: the guests needed to put their business cards into a lottery drum located on the organization booth, and wait for the announcement of the results at the appointed time. The luckiest ones walked out with valuable gifts and great mood.

Alexander Dvoryansky pointed out the commitment among participants of the event: "Long isolation, in some sense was good for us: offline events are on top again. We are welcome activity that guests showed on our and partners booths. Thank you for your attention and up to new meetings!"

Realizing that stable future of any company is inextricably linked to safe corporate environment, Infosecurity, following the Forum, decided to deliver webinar "INFOSECURITY TRACKER – DLP Cloud Solution". The webinar will be held on May 31, and will focus on companies' actual problems on internal data protection and their solutions. To make it easier for customers to try on the results obtained through the service, our experts will share the results of the implemented cases. Use the original registration link to register for the event.

May 2021