Norvik Bank Chose SOC by Infosecurity Company

August 24, 2021 — Infosecurity, a dedicated Russian service provider, completed a large-scale connection of the PJSC Norvik Bank to its own ISOC Center for Cyber Security Incidents Monitoring and Response. This will provide an increased protection level of the Bank's data and its clients in line with the requirements of the latest standards of the Central Bank of Russia.

Since August 2021, the Infosecurity ISOC Center for Cyber Security Incidents Monitoring and Response is responsible for data processing and protection against cyber threats in PJSC Norvik Bank. Connecting the Bank to the system was implemented according to the cloud SOC scheme, i.e the events processing and threats detection occurs at the Infosecurity facilities using the ISOC SIEM platform. the collaboration is based on the SOC-as-a-Service model, that enables the Bank to ensure comprehensive protection of its own infrastructure and data. By engaging the recognized professionals in the cybersecurity management process, the Bank succeeded in protecting against external threats and implementing data protection in accordance with GOST R 57580 and PCI DSS standards. 

"For us, it is extremely important to keep up with the times and ensure the right level of protection of our customers' funds and data. Thousands of people and businesses trust us with personal and financial information daily, so the SOC connection by Infosecurity Company has become, in our view, a strategically right decision. Thanks to the ISOC cloud system, we managed to increase the efficiency of detecting and preventing modern cyber attacks and implement important sectoral standards," Andrei Konyakhin, Head of Cyber Security Department at Norvik Bank, commented.

The main criteria for selecting the incidents monitoring and response system was to ensure speed, technological effectiveness and safety without reducing the productivity and quality of the Bank's business processes. Connecting to the Infosecurity system fully meets the Norvik Bank's needs on compliance with the requirements of regulators and guarantees the system's reliable protection in the event of any cyber security violations, with the possibility to prevent cyber attacks in the early stages.

"We have connected the Bank to our ISOC, and also configured the response scenarios considering our battlefield experience. Infosecurity and Softline specialists jointly with the Bank's cybersecurity officers managed to comprehensively address the target concerns within the agreed time-frame and projected budget. Now, the works on connecting the Bank to the Incidents Monitoring and Response Center, and its full-scale exploitation, is undoubtedly a success story," Aleksey Yudin, Director of Monitoring Center, said.

About Companies:

Norvick Bank — one of the largest regional banks of the Kirov region, which provides a wide range of banking services and products for private and corporate clients: lending, debit cards and cards with credit limit, deposits, cash services, currency exchange, so forth.

Infosecurity — a dedicated provider of cyber security, IT and consulting services, a licensee of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and Russian Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC). The Company's business processes are grounded in accordance with international practices and standards.  Since 2018, Infosecurity is a part of the Softline Group of Companies. 

August 2021