Infosecurity will participate AM Live to discuss market trends of commercial SOC

A real-time AM Live online conference held by info-analytic portal is taking place on September 29 at 11 a.m. Alexey Yudin, Director of Infosecurity SOC Monitoring Center, and the conference participants would jointly discuss the development trends of services by commercial cybersecurity incidents response centers.

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The conference will also be attended by the cybersecurity specialists from Positive Technologies, USSC, BI.ZONE, Informzaschita, Rostelecom-Solar and IBM Security Services. The conference participants will discuss up-to-date issues concerning services of commercial cybersecurity incidents response centers, namely, how to increase the efficiency of SOC operation and reduce financial costs through outsourcing, and what are the major criterion in choosing commercial SOC based on the tasks of specific organization.    

Participants will consider practical ways to improve the SOC efficiency: how to define accurately the monitoring zone, to reduce the incident detection time, to cut radically the false positive level, to build a wise way to work with HR and etc.  The experts will also speak about what is happening today on the SOC market and share their forecast on SOC development.  

Let’s not overlook the fact that the SOC is not just a tech platform for detecting and responding to cybersecurity incidents, but a team of specialists which continuously controls the cybersecurity system operation.  Would it be possible to create an incident auto-response with no human element?  Get this question answered and find out more at AM Live online conference!


About Infosecurity  

Infosecurity Company is a dedicated provider of cybersecurity, IT and consulting services with over 10-year history, a licensee of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and Russian Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC).  Infosecurity key services are: cybersecurity incidents response (SOC), data leak prevention (DLP), Internet monitoring and business threats detection (ETHIC), zero-day attack protection, the customer’s IT infrastructure support. Infosecurity includes a computer forensic laboratory, whose specialists conduct cybercrime investigations, penetration testing and various digital unit inspections.

The Company successfully implements and accompanies information protection systems of leading vendors in various industries: finance, industry, public sector, medicine, etc. Infosecurity is a member of International Federation FIRST, and its own Cybersecurity Incidents Monitoring and Response Center (Infosecurity CERT) is licensed by Carnegie Mellon University.  



September 2021