Infosecurity Enters Technology Partnership with Innovative ServicePipe

A new technology partnership agreement between Infosecurity and ServicePipe, specializing in network traffic anomalies detection and DDoS protection, entered into force on October, 2021. Now ServicePipe services are available to all Infosecurity customers.

This cooperation aims at expanding load testing of client web applications and IT infrastructure. System and application stability affects the multiplicity of factors:  sales result, brand reputation and customer loyalty. To maintain smooth operation, the online resources need to be regularly updated for their readiness to deal with a large number of users and resistance to external threats.

ServicePipe provides two types of load testing services:  stress testing and performance testing. Stress testing evaluates the current perimeter protection for resistance to DDoS attacks, including speed of response.  Performance testing service is relevant for evaluating systems and applications with increased user load.

Inclusion of ServicePipe services in the Infosecurity portfolio would enable the service provider customers to ensure comprehensive security of online resources against DDoS attacks of various types, and to identify bottlenecks in application logic and infrastructure. 

"The benefits of our technologies lie in the individual test cases and load generation in a wide range. Following the testing results, the customer also receives a detailed report with recommendations on how to eliminate the identified shortcomings," said Danila Chezhin, Head of Business Development at ServicePipe. “We believe that the agreement recently concluded would become a strong forward-looking for our systems promotion, as Infosecurity possesses all the necessary resources to get this going."

"The effective solution of all the customer’s tasks has always been our number one priority, that is why we, as a service provider, strive to cover as many cybersecurity directions as possible, and extend our competencies in this area. We welcome ServicePipe as a new partner and hope that its capabilities would successfully complement the list of our services used by hundreds of companies, and empower our customers to manage information security more effectively," said Sergey Nenakhov, Head of Information Security Audit Department at Infosecurity.


About ServicePipe

ServicePipe is an innovative company specialized in protecting web applications and IT infrastructure from external threats. The Company's products provide protection against all types of DDoS attacks, including parsing, password mining, fake requests and orders, goods automated purchase and reservation. The Company's solutions proved their worth in Sberapteka, Migcredit, Onlinetrade, Fonbet, ER-Telecom, Rosselkhozbank, Pochta Bank, DPD, Burgerking, Dateline, 3data, Miran, Roseltorg and etc.

The Company has considerable experience in using the solutions by world’s top security vendors: Arbor Networks and F5 Networks.  ServicePipe develops its own products and provides services based on them as cloud services, and if necessary to meet the requirements of industry standards –a hybrid model with solution installation on the customer's infrastructure. 


About Infosecurity  

Infosecurity – a dedicated provider of cybersecurity, IT and consulting services with over 10-year history, a licensee of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and Russian Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC).  Infosecurity key services are: cybersecurity incidents response (SOC), data leak prevention (DLP), business threats monitoring and detection (ETHIC), zero-day attack protection, the customer’s IT infrastructure support. 

Infosecurity includes a computer forensic laboratory, whose specialists conduct cybercrime investigations, penetration testing and various digital unit inspections. The Company successfully implements and accompanies information protection systems of leading vendors in various industries: finance, industry, public sector, medicine, etc. Infosecurity is a member of International Federation FIRST 


November 2021