Infosecurity Announces Appointment of New Director General

Infosecurity – a dedicated provider of cybersecurity, system integration and consulting services announces appointment of Nikolay Agrinsky as Director General.

Nikolay Agrinsky has been active in the sphere of information security for over 18 years with a path leading from a technical expert to the founder and shareholder of two companies: Technical Center (TC) Engineer dealing with cyber security management consulting and certification services, and Phishman – the developer of automated system for testing and training staff in cyber security. Mr. Agrinsky headed Softline consulting department and established himself as a top-notch leader.

Owing to the changes in 2022 Infosecurity sets course for enhancing its own expertise and evolution in the integrated high-tech projects, thus taking the company services to a new level. Having big experience in cyber security, consulting, major projects management, and advancing own business to the market leaders, Nikolay Agrinsky aims to strengthen the presence of Infosecurity on the Russian service providers market. In turn, the Softline Group of Companies plans to further invest into the the cyber security development, given the expanding business in the international segment and high estimation of the Infosecurity team's potential and expertise.

Nikolay Agrinsky, Infosecurity Director General, said: "Today, as the quality of products and services goes down, and the prices for the same items rise, this situation is a challenge for all consumers – the goal of Infosecurity is to become a market leader in cyber security on the quality and level of services while maintaining appropriate pricing. Our team focuses on complex projects, highly demanded services and expertise constant development. We believe that quality and real business benefits are the future of cyber security market, and we stand ready to build this future actively.

Background note

Nikolay Agrinsky started his career in the sphere of information security as a system analyst and programmer. From 2008 to 2014 worked his way up from a technical expert to the head of consulting department in Softline, during which established and brought cyber security consulting services to the market. He founded and became a shareholder of TC Engineer in 2014, and in 2015 he established Phishman, the developer of automated system for testing and training staff in cyber security. 

Mr. Agrinsky is a lecturer at the Radioelectronics, Infocommunications and Information Security Department at the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), a leading auditor and lecturer for a number of international certification bodies for technical standards - ISO 27001, ISO 20000, ISO 22301, etc. Has CISM and CISA statuses. 


About Infosecurity

Infosecurity – a dedicated provider of cybersecurity, system integration and consulting services. Infosecurity key services are: cybersecurity incidents response operation center (SOC), Internet monitoring and business threats detection (ETHIC), data leak prevention (DLP), IT infrastructure consulting support. The Company successfully implements and accompanies data protection systems in various industries: finance, industry, public sector, medicine, etc.

Infosecurity is a licensee of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and Russian Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC), formally cooperates with National Computer Incident  Response and Coordination Center (NCIRCC) and the Center for Monitoring and Response to Computer Attacks in the Credit and Financial Sphere FinCERT. Since 2018, is a member of Softline Group.


December 2021