Infosecurity New Development: The Darvvin System

Infosecurity Company (a member of Softline Group) presents its new development, the Darvvin System, Service for Detecting and Preventing Social Threats in Adolescents

Over the past decade, the Internet has become an integral part of our lives, and every year the Internet audience is getting younger. According to the research results of the Russian Ministry of Communications conducted in 2019, children start using the Internet at the age of 4-5 years, and by the age of 11, the percentage of Internet users among them is 97%. Now, because of the pandemic and the mass transfer of school kids to distance learning, the number of school-age children visiting different websites and Internet communities, has increased significantly.

Under these conditions, children become extremely vulnerable to cyberthreats: intruders using pressure, manipulation skills, and other psychological tricks, can affect the behavior of teenagers by pushing them towards crimes commitment.

To counter and prevent armed attacks on classmates and teachers, drug distribution and use among teens, incitement to suicide and calls for aggression via social media, Infosecurity (a member of Softline Group) has created Darvvin, a new information & analytical system.

Darvvin is a service for threat detection in adolescents, which allows to recognize negative events at the earliest possible stage, and to avoid serious consequences.

To date, 6 modules have already been implemented in the system:

Shooting Module: the system identifies groups, communities, forums on Columbine issue (attacks and massacres of classmates), and also defines the active teen-participants in such communities;

Suicidal Tendencies Module: the Darvvin system searches for the Internet resources related to suicidal issues, provocateurs that push school kids to commit suicide, as well as teens interested in suicide;

Drugs Module: the system searches for topical groups, communities and teens that publish relevant posts;

Illegal Activities Module: the Darvvin system searches for provocateurs calling on teenagers for aggression or participation in illegal activities, relevant groups and communities;

Informal Fees Module: the system detects illegal facts of online fundraising for students for the needs of the school/class/group;

Rating Module: based on the total number of the detected incidents, the system generates a rating of educational institutions;

Darvvin's added benefit is a comprehensive situation monitoring. On the one hand, the system collects information from a wide pool of sources, popular among minors, including Internet sites and social networks. On the other hand, the system tracks dozens of darknet forums and private chat rooms, and over 196,000 Telegram-channels, thus controlling the activity of the intruders. 

Using unique algorithms, the system automatically selects information that is highly relevant and submits for further processing to the Infosecurity Analytical Center, where data is assigned with a threat level and the priority sequencing of actions is determined. After the event processing at the Analytical Center, the Customer receives notifications of all identified and verified events. At the end of the reporting period, a comprehensive analytical report is generated.

So, as a result of the Darvvin system test run for one of the Russian regions, over 120 threats were detected in a short period of time, a quarter of which has been classified by the region representatives as particularly dangerous. Thus, timely identification and warning of responsible persons has allowed to gain precious time and save dozens of lives.

The Darvvin system operates 24/7 and is provided as a ready-to-subscribe service that operates on the Infosecurity's facilities, and doesn't require additional software and hardware purchases, hiring personnel or integration into the Customer's infrastructure. 

"For more than 10 years Infosecurity has been successfully fighting digital threats. Over these years, the Company's experts have developed their own unique methods to identify and analyze information events, to determine response measures. This gained experience was used when creating Darvvin – a new Research and Analytical System," Igor Sergienko, Director General of Infosecurity, says. "We convince that DarvvinAutomatic Monitoring System will become a good assistant in countering modern social threats, as well as a reliable tool in saving the lives and health of the younger generation."

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April 2020