Announcing PUSK: A Dedicated Cyber Security Service Package

The cyber security system of many companies failed to pass the pandemic and remote operation challenge. As assistance to business, we launch PUSK, a special cyber security service package. It combines the services on detecting cyber threats and data leak on the Internet, as well as security audit and consulting.

The coronavirus pandemic has become a serious challenge for both the Russian and world economies. Aside from direct losses connected with enterprises idle time and decrease in labour productivity against the backdrop of employees transition of to remote work, the number of incidents in sphere of information safety has considerably increased. According to IT Governance, a record number of data leaks were recorded in May 2020, with over 8,8 billion records in free access. The situation in the Russian segment is not better: new databases of specific Russian organizations appear daily at specialized forums.

The main reason for this burst was the companies' unpreparedness for sharp change of their usual business environment. The transfer of employees to remote work has destroyed the interaction schemes accumulated over the years, and the time-tested cyber security tools simply capitulated in the new reality: after all, it's one thing to control the work of employees and to ensure data protection in the corporate network, and quite another – to organize a reliable and secure remote access to corporate resources.

In an effort to help business in this difficult period, Infosecurity has created PUSK, a dedicated cyber security service package, which combines the services on detecting cyber threats and data leak on the Internet, cyber security audit, which includes an external or internal pentest, as well as cyber security consulting.

The ETHIC service, designed to detect threats on the Internet, allows to assess the situation outside the company perimeter, detect leaks that have already occurred, track the information background and form an idea of the threat landscape specific to the company. In addition, ETHIC will help to respond quickly to identified threats and prevent the occurrence of dangerous consequences.

Cyber security audit is necessary to identify critical points in the company's information infrastructure. It is designed to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited in an attack on an organization, and to track down possible causes and sources of data leaks.

The use of these two tools makes it possible to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the company's security situation, including the analysis of internal and external risks. But what next? And here comes the consulting. Infosecurity specialists will help you choose the best protection strategy, select the necessary tools, assess the required investments and draw up a plan of further actions.

"Nowadays, not all companies can maintain a staff of high-class cyber security experts on an ongoing basis, capable to estimate threat landscape and offer relevant solutions for their leveling in real time. Our specialists have many years of experience in countering cyber threats and are ready to share their experience. The advantage of this approach is that we analyze the real situation, identify dozens and hundreds of security events, both inside and outside the company, on the basis of which we form a protection strategy," — Igor Sergienko, Deputy Director General of Infosecurity, comments. 

This service is particular relevant in view of the recent initiative of the Ministry of Justice aimed at increasing fines for personal data leaks. The initiative imposed fines up to 500 thousand rubles for each episode published in different places with time and data differences. Thus, the probable fines may exceed the preventive actions many times, not to mention the reputation losses of the organization. Under the current circumstances, in response to the question on whether it is more profitable to ensure the personal data security or pay a fine, no longer seems so obvious.

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June 2020