Anti-Malware Live Online Conference: Participation Outcomes

The Anti-Malware Live Online Conference was held on July 7, at which representatives of key players of SOC market discussed live the criteria for choosing a commercial center for security monitoring and incident response.

The transition to remote work showed how important it is to have an integrated approach to the security incidents response and investigation in order to ensure the full protection of the company's information. To achieve this goal, a large number of customers from different business areas opted for a modern solution – commercial SOC implementation (Security Operations Center). hosted this online conference, bringing together leading industry experts on one platform for discussion. The event was held in the up-to-date format: being in a professional studio, the heads of the centers for security monitoring and incident response of Infosecurity Company (a member of Softline Group), Solar Security Company and Jet Infosystems Company discussed challenging issues on the SOC commercial components under live mode.

During a two-hour lively discussion, the experts explained what the customer should focus on when choosing the monitoring center, how the cost of services is formed, and what tasks can be outsourced together with SOC. The audience interaction made this discussion even more dynamic: representatives of the leading companies talked about the online survey results, which asked the guests of the conference to determine the most important parameters when choosing a commercial SOC. The highest interest among viewers was the question whether the commercial SOC should be responsible for missing the incident. According to the survey results, 82 per cent of respondents believed commercial SOC should be responsible only for those incidents that occurred within its monitoring zone. The experts in the studio appreciated such a rational view on the matter by the potential Customers, and explained what the commercial SOC should guarantee and what is beyond its competence.

"I would like to highlight the relevance of issues, discussed during the conference. After the transition to remote work, many companies could see how important is the data centralized collection and  analysis from different sources. At the same time, it is the SOC that is a universal solution for data assets and infrastructure protection, it can be adapted to any customer's requirements," Alexey Yudin, Director of ISOC Center of Security Monitoring and Incidents Response, sums up the online conference outcomes.

July 2020