Launching a New Service: Infrastructure Basic Security Analysis

In terms of the pandemic, the global market had to quickly transfer its business processes to online platforms. This emergency transition could provoke the holes in the cybersecurity system of any organization. Thanks to a new service from Infosecurity (a member of Softline Group), it's now possible to check the Company's level of protection even in conditions of cost optimization and limited budgets.

Infrastructure Basic Security Analysis is an integrated approach to assess the Company's risks. Within the package of services, the Infosecurity specialists will conduct the inspection of high-tech equipment, work machines and information channels through which the Customer operates, as well as internal and external perimeters, including servers available on the Internet. Upon completion of the analysis, a report will be generated with a full list of the vulnerabilities detected and recommendations for their elimination.

A distinctive feature of the Infrastructure Basic Security Analysis is the ability to take advantage of a bonus offer within 30 days after the analysis is completed: to conduct a free re-check of the infrastructure, which will show how well the work has been done to eliminate the infrastructure's critical deficiencies in accordance with the recommendations presented. In case of detection the unresolved vulnerabilities, our experts will help you to choose the optimal package of services for the required level of information security.

Thus, after carrying out the works, the Client will receive not only an assessment of the infrastructure's security for any known vulnerabilities (about 80 per cent of all successful hacker attacks), but also a password policy check, recommendations and free analysis after the actions taken.

Due to its low cost, this service is suitable both for the companies with limited budget allocated for cybersecurity, and for everyone who wants to check the security of the infrastructure for the well-known vulnerabilities after introducing new IT and Cybersecurity solutions of varying complexity into the infrastructure.

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August 2020