Infosecurity Helped to Track Down the Kidnappers of the Dodo Pizza Partner

Today, many media outlets have reported on the disclosure of the kidnapping case of one of the largest franchisee partners of the Dodo Pizza chain Vladimir Goretsky.

Infosecurity specialists took an active part in the investigation of this high-profile crime by joining it at an early stage. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of analysts in cooperation with the law enforcement agencies of Russia and Latvia, we were able to identify all the members of the international criminal group involved in the attack on Vladimir Goretsky in Latvia, including the similar crime committed in Thailand against US businessman Andrei Konovalov.

A wealth of information was analyzed, interaction schemes of attackers were built, and the criminal group's identification and contact details were obtained, including data on those remained overshadowed and not directly involved in kidnapping.

This story looks like a real thriller, but luckily it has a happy ending. The Infosecurity participation in the investigation, in close collaboration with the Zakon law office, made it possible to establish and document the complete chronology of what has happened. The materials received were subsequently handed over to law enforcement agencies and formed the basis of a criminal case.

To date, one of the key participants of the criminal group, a 30-year-old Andrei Ferris, has been detained, and his accomplices have been identified and soon will be announced for international search.

August 2020