New Partnership Announcement Infosecurity + Multifactor

Multifactor and Infosecurity a Softline Company announce that they have signed an agreement on strategic partnership focusing on the ​​multifactor authentication and user access control. The Multifactor system will increase the portfolio of Infosecurity solutions.

In 2019 the number of penetrations using someone else's credentials for authentication accounted for 31 per cent of all confirmed security incidents. Viruses, social engineering, phishing, and other attack vectors indicate that having a strong password is no longer a sufficient measure to protect user data. To reduce the risk of theft, including due to the human factor, and to increase the level of resistance to fraudulent actions, it is highly recommended to use an additional method of identity verification:  two-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication systems.  The domestic developer Multifactor represents one of these solutions: the Multifactor system.

The Multifactor system adds an additional security layer on top of applications and infrastructure to prevent data leaks, credential theft and network attacks. Currently, the choice of one of the following tools is available as the second authentication factor: a hardware token, an SMS, a call, the biometrics, Telegram or mobile application.

The inclusion of the Multifactor solution to the Infosecurity portfolio enables the company's customers to strengthen control over information systems access, which is particularly relevant in remote work. Moreover, the fact that the system is listed in the Domestic Software Register makes it accessible both for commercial companies and public sector.

“The advantage of our solution is the use of its Software-as-a-service model. The customer installs only the software agents, and the system core is located on the vendor's side, thus relieving the customer's specialists from problems with modifying the infrastructure and resolving issues related to communication channel with providers for receiving calls and SMS, – Konstantin Yan, CEO at Multifactor, comments. – We welcome this cooperation and look forward to work fruitfully with the Infosecurity Company and its clients.”

“Our Company constantly detects new ways of online fraud. Moreover, most of cases happen due to the victim's lack of user authentication additional stage. That is why the solution offered by our colleagues from Miltifactor has a large potential in the market,” – Igor Sergienko, Deputy Director General of Infosecurity, sums up.


November 2020