Infosecurity launches INFOSECURITY TRACKER: a cloud-based DLP service that simplifies the entire data leakage prevention process

The events of 2020 have transferred companies to a remote regime of work. Sadly, not all remote workers are very committed to their work, thus the maintenance of personnel control has become the most sensitive issue for employers. Companies are now puzzled by many questions about employee monitoring: "How to control the process?", "Which solutions to choose?", "Wouldn’t the remote work format lead to the uncontrolled spread of confidential information?". INFOSECURITY TRACKER will answer all these and other related questions, since this new service is a universal solution to all emerging problems.

INFOSECURITY TRACKER aims to replace and significantly simplify the entire process of working with systems specializing in preventing leaks of confidential information (Data Leak Prevention) and monitoring working hours (Employee Monitoring). The customer no longer needs to select and purchase their own licenses, pay the integrator for implementation and personally identify incident and carry out analytics. Not to mention that before the introduction of INFOSECURITY TRACKER, the purchase of a control system was not an easy task for the customer and its maintenance became a real challenge. Regular updating of control rules and cases daily analysis took so much time that even the invested funds were not worth it. But now everything has changed: all these activities are included in the INFOSECURITY TRACKER integrated package of services, and the best part of any of our subscriptions is the availability of an experienced analyst.

We can offer three subscription options for the Service:

• TRACKER STAFF — a subscription, through which the customer will know for how the employees spend their working time. When connecting to the service, the Infosecurity experts will help you connect data sources and arrange all the documents necessary for control. Then a process is organized to identify employees at risk, to ensure special control over their actions and assess the time-use effectiveness. This subscription is based on the StaffCop solution by our partner Atom Security LLC.

TRACKER DATA — a subscription to identify risks of potential leakage of confidential information. The customer will not only receive information about the most critical information in the organization, but also a full-fledged functionality to control it. Additionally, when setting up a service, the experts will help you to develop all necessary documentation: to introduce a trade secret regime and enable verification of that process. This subscription version is based on Zecurion DLP solution by the partner Zecurion. 

TRACKER PRO — a maximum subscription option combining the functionality of TRACKER STAFF and TRACKER DATA, and also providing real-time responses to potential risks, and getting brief conclusions on any topic based on the archive of previously collected data.

We guarantee the promptness of notifications within the service levels agreement (SLA), and the full scope of the work done will be demonstrated in monthly reports.

As for the cost of the service, it is as transparent as possible: the service is provided by a subscription with a fixed monthly cost that depends solely on the number of connected workplaces. If necessary, the subscription can be scaled up to 1000 workplaces.

"The INFOSECURITY TRACKER we devised greatly simplifies the entire process of personnel control and monitoring, especially for those companies who are not very familiar with the specifics of DLP systems. Just one subscription – and you get a whole range of services. With the help of our service, you literally get the most of the DLP system, while avoiding inefficient use of the budget"– Anna Popova, Head of the Infosecurity DLP Unit, comments on the new service launch.

For more information about INFOSECURITY TRACKER and to discuss any aspect of our offering, please contact

December 2020