Infosecurity Supports the "Charity Instead of Souvenirs" Initiative

The year 2020 has been tumultuous and challenging for each of us: some have overcome the constraints of this year safely, others have got the worst of it. However, there is a special category of people that most need help and support – children experiencing difficult living situations. That is why, on New Year’s Eve, Infosecurity has reached out to those who need help and support.

Our company took part in the "Charity Instead of Souvenirs" initiative to make a really valuable gift – to provide an opportunity for children to overcome their diseases. As part of this initiative, Infosecurity directed corporate budget intended for purchase of New Year's gifts for our partners and customers to the "Podari Zhizn" (Gift of Life) Charity Foundation and ANO "Worthy Special World" (WSW) Rehabilitation Center.

As New Year's greetings, our partners will receive New Year's cards with a picture of one of the "Podari Zhizn" wards and sincere congratulations from the heads of the charity foundation and Infosecurity.

The donations collected this year will be directed by the "Podari Zhizn" Charity Foundation to the systemic assistance development to children in the "Diagnostics and Analysis" project, so that doctors use high-tech equipment, up-to-date methods and the best laboratory reagents, as the life of a child with cancer depends on all this. 

ANO "Worthy Special World" (WSW) which suffered this summer from a severe fire, will use the collected funds for its restoration and equipment for a carpentry workshop. The "House in Romanovo" project was launched for young people with special developmental needs (mental and psychic disabilities) as an alternative to lifelong stay in psycho-neurological boarding houses. Now it is very important to repair the fire damage as soon as possible so that young people can continue gaining experience for future independent life.  

Our partners and customers have warmly endorsed the decision to support the foundations. We hope that more and more companies will abandon their traditional New Year gifts in favor of donations to charitable foundations in the future.

"New Year is a time of miracles. We hope that together with the "Podari Zhizn" Charity Foundation and the ANO "Worthy Special World" we could change someone's life for the better. I’m sure that participation in this initiative will become our annual tradition, and our clients and business partners will also join it in the future. Since no, even the most considered New Year's gift, can be compared with the opportunity to help those who really need it," – Kirill Solodovnikov, CEO of Infosecurity, comments.

December 2020