Success Story: ISOC & GTLK

In 2020, the State Transport Leasing Company (GTLK JSC) and Infosecurity completed an ambitious project on transforming the cyber security events collection and analysis system into the SOC-as-a-Service. This case not only significantly increased the cyber security level of the Transport Leasing Company, but also made it possible to set up a full-fledged system of operational identification and effective investigation of cyber security incidents of any complexity.

A distinctive feature of this project was the construction of a situation center modelled on the ISOC cloud connection based on the Customer's existing SIEM system. Infosecurity experts monitor and respond to real-time incidents, thus ensuring a business continuity and improving the internal event analysis mechanisms.

It is worth noting that the ISOC project for GTLK JSC has become the winner of the Project of the Year 2020 Contest for the Best Project in Cyber Security Managed Services according to Global CIO expert IT community.

The Infosecurity and GTLK JSC teams noted a particular interest to this project from partners, and therefore decided to provide further details on experience gained: in the created video, the leading speakers of both companies go into details about how this all started and describe the specifics and difficulties in implementing the joint project. Watch the video on our YouTube channel.

March 2021