MIKRON PJSC with the assistance of Infosecurity appreciated the capabilities and functionality of Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity

Infosecurity, together with MIKRON PJSC, completed a pilot project on detecting anomalies and attacks in industrial network, during which the Customer not only chose optimal solutions to protect IT infrastructure, but also significantly increased the PCS level of cyber security.

In recent years, the number of attacks on industrial systems has rapidly increased, especially on the Process Control Systems (PCS) components. As practice shows, it only takes one infected USB device or loading arbitrary files for the intruders to penetrate into the company's internal network. MIKRON PJSC, a part of Element JSC, was concerned to ensure the safety of its own process control systems, and thereby requested the assistance of cyber security experts from the Infosecurity, a Softline company, to develop an integrated approach to industrial safety.

As part of the project, MIKRON PJSC, together with Infosecurity, reviewed products for network monitoring and control by domestic and foreign vendors. The decisive criteria for choosing a solution for pilot implementation was the possibility of integration with narrow-profile industrial software, which is already used in the Company, and the compliance with the legislative requirements on critical information infrastructure protection. The optimal solution was the Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity system (KICS).

In two months, Infosecurity deployed a pilot virtual system to monitor the KICS FOR NETWORKS industrial network safety, and configured the detection of unauthorized network devices and abnormal network streams between them.  Fact that the system works with a copy of industrial infrastructure traffic and doesn't have an active impact on the Company's business processes  has become an important indicator for MIKRON PJSC . Such an approach excludes the risks of blocking production processes and large financial failures. Also, to build a reliable system for protecting corporate infrastructure from complex threats and target attacks, MIKRON PJSC, together with Infosecurity, introduced Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform (KATA), a platform for protection against targeted attacks.

"For us, as for many other companies, ensuring the cyber security of critical systems stands first, but the specifics of our industry software imposes certain difficulties in the selection of high-quality domestic protective software. Thanks to cooperation with Infosecurity, we managed not only to reach the most appropriate decision, but also to significantly increase the cyber security level of PCS, and, consequently, the entire company," Pavel Belik, Vice-President on Security at Element JSC, comments the results of the pilot introduction.

"Selected cyber security vector for MIKRON PJSC not only contributes to maintaining the technological process continuity, but also provides a coordinated approach to network integrity control. Work on the project at this level was extremely interesting and highly sensitive. And now it's fair to say that we received decent results and the most enriching experience," notes Nikita Pinchuk, Chief Technology Officer at Infosecurity.

March 2021