Infosecurity Contributes to the Development of a New Generation

Infosecurity leadership believes that each company should remain very attentive to the work with the younger generation: timely training of practical skills, and human resources management. That is why Infosecurity undertook a series of activities for students in Moscow educational institutions.

In March 2021, the experts of the Infosecurity Special Services Unit conducted master class for students of State-Funded Educational Institution School No. 1770, "The Moscow Cadet Music Corpus" structural unit. The subject of the educational lecture was determined by the trends in the world of cybercrime:  more and more attackers access sensitive information through unsecure Wi-Fi network. That is why the Company's experts decided to discuss the subject of wireless network security by giving social examples in a language the students understood.

Within the theory section of the master class, the students were introduced to the basics of identifying wireless network vulnerabilities, they examined the application software, and assessed the work of the hardware used in conducting an audit in real conditions. The second part was dedicated to the practical section: Infosecurity launched a virtual stand on which the cadets could put into practice the knowledge gained and independently make an audit of Wi-Fi test points. This training mode not only improved the perception of information received, but also gave an opportunity to share the professional secrets of equipment settings and software configuration with the guys.

On April 6, 2021, Infosecurity, together with the National University of Oil and Gas "Gubkin University", organized a research-to-practice youth conference on fuel and energy complex safety. The main task of the conference was the introduction of students to practical aspects of cyber security.

The conference consisted of two sessions. In the first part, the students made presentations on relevant cyber security topics, and for the second part of the event, the Infosecurity organized a business game based on the company's real cases. The students of the National University of Oil and Gas "Gubkin University" not only put into practice the knowledge received, but also assessed the real tasks they will have to face in the future. Positive feedback from the students and their tutors has become the basis for future cooperation.

"We are pleased that modern educational institutions take seriously the issue of profiling and all-round development of the coming generation," – Alexander Dvoryansky, Strategic Communications Director at Infosecurity, comments, "For some years our company has been actively promoting this initiative, and contributing to the training for youth. It is a particular pleasure to see commitment from future specialists, to observe their genuine interest in cyber security issues and high activity during educational activities."


April 2021